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MBACP Registered Counsellor • BA Hons • Dip Integrative Counselling
Practising near Ipswich, Manningtree and in Colchester

Angela Brooke


Counselling can help us to better understand why we feel the way we do and why we do the things we do. This is particularly helpful when our feelings and behaviour are causing distress. On a practical level it can help us understand why we might eat too much, stay with partners who abuse us, say yes to things we don’t want to do etc. The list goes on…

Counselling can help us to have some insight into why we might be feeling depressed, sad or anxious and to find ways of managing and letting go of these feelings so that we can move forward.

People often avoid seeking help when they feel depressed, anxious or sad because they believe that they are somehow to blame for these feelings or that there is something wrong with them or that they are weak. Talking to an empathic counsellor can help us to re evaluate some of our more persecutory beliefs such as “this is all my fault” or “ there is something wrong with me “. This,in turn,can lead to an increase in compassion for the self , self- awareness and empowerment and a decrease in depression, sadness and anxiety.

Counselling is not a magic cure and does not work for everyone but the experience of being properly listened to and therapeutically ‘held’ can be beneficial to those who have hitherto struggled to be heard. Equally, having someone who is there for you consistently and regularly can begin to alleviate and bring into awareness the distressing feelings experienced in adulthood associated with having had a lack of security In childhood.


I am an experienced therapist and have worked with a variety of people with a wide range of issues. These include depression, anxiety, loss In it’s many forms, low self -esteem, OCD and problems relating to anger. I have also worked extensively with survivors of sexual abuse. It has been my privilege to work creatively with a wide range of clients in this field including young people, vulnerable adults and those with learning difficulties. I have also worked with mothers of children who have been sexually abused. The anger and helplessness experienced by parents whose child has been abused can be crippling.

As a registered member of the BACP I am committed to ethical best practice and in keeping with BACP requirements continuously broaden and deepen my knowledge and experience through CPD or continuous professional development.

To this end I have undertaken CPD training and or workshops the following :

The list is not exhaustive but reflects subjects and ways of working that I have sought to develop with the aim of being as informed and effective a therapist as I can. It is also intended to give the reader an idea of how I work and my areas of interest.

I have attended CPD training to work with clients who have experienced sexual abuse and domestic violence.

I co run a yearly 4 day course for practitioners in working with clients who have been sexually abused or who have experienced sexual violence.

I have attended various CPD courses/workshops in working with Gestalt techniques, which involve working creatively with art and metaphor and the body to bring unconscious feelings into awareness.

I have attended various CPD courses/workshops In working creatively with art and sandtray to explore feelings. Those who find talking hard can benefit from this way of working.

I have attended various CPD courses/workshops to further and deepen my knowledge of psychodynamic and psychoanalytic theory. It is my view that this theory when combined with genuine care, respect and compassion on the part of the therapist can help us make sense of why we do and and feel as we do.

As a registered member of the BACP I abide by their ethical code of conduct which can be found on the BACP website.


My fees are £35 for 50 minutes. I accept payments by cash, bacs or cheque payable at the end of each session. I reserve a few spaces every week for people who are currently unable to pay the full fee. If you feel you may struggle to pay the full fee please mention this when enquiring as I understand that money can be tight.

I see trainee counsellors at the reduced rate of £20 per session

Sessions are normally held weekly at the same time 

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07511 751121